Motivational and Self-Help Seminars

Ken has spent a lifetime in the business of helping and motivating people. Whether as a school teacher, a volunteer in correctional institutions, a personal mentor, an entrepreneur or a CEO of several large companies, he has always focused his efforts on developing people. He has a deep understanding of the way individuals think, their needs and how to move them to higher levels of success and happiness. His seminars are stimulating, captivating, motivating, life changing and always draw high marks from both attendees and sponsors.

Seminars for Business

As a creator, developer and leader of successful businesses, Ken understands the fundamental issues that limit the growth and success of commercial enterprises. It is estimated that 40 percent of employee work hours are given over to non-productive and efficiency destructive, non business related activities. Much of this behavior is related to an entitlement attitude on the part of the employee and a failure on the part of key managers and owners to understand and implement policies and practices that will lead to a motivated and productive employee.
Castlebrook Management offers a motivational seminar for both small and large businesses called Simple to Rise that challenges both staff members and leaders of the company to change their perspective as participants in the growth and operation of the enterprise. Among the objectives of the program are:
  • Taking Charge Of Your Future And Your Career
  • Discovering The Biggest Stumbling Blocks To Achieving Your Goals
  • Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness
  • Expanding Your Ability To Respond To The Needs Of Customers
  • Improving Your Rapport With Managers, Co-Workers And Subordinates
  • Avoiding Pitfalls That Limit Your Productivity
  • Increasing Your Communication Skills
  • Improving Job Satisfaction And Sense Of Self-Expression
Liberally sprinkled with humor, personal anecdotes and dynamic visual illustrations, Ken challenges the attendees to take a new and more personally rewarding view of their place and role in the organization. He helps people understand the dynamics of habit change, the role of job satisfaction in their overall personal happiness, the mechanisms and methods of becoming an outstanding contributor.

Always well received, participants and sponsors are equally enthusiastic about the Simple to Rise program. Among some of the narrative comments received in the post-seminar evaluations were the following:
  • This seminar had application for me in both home and business environments.
  • The material had very relevant and useful information.
  • I will apply the lessons I have learned today to my life.
  • Ken was enthusiastic, lively, relevant and entertaining.
  • Ken was a very passionate and effective communicator.
  • This will definitely change the way I work.
  • Would have loved to have more time.
  • He gets a ten!
  • Very practical and useful. Everyone can take something away, no matter what.
  • I am challenged after the course.
  • Wish my daughter could sit through this seminar.
  • Very positive response overall across all levels of experience, management and work scope.
  • Well presented material. Relevant to our workplace.
  • Makes you think about the actions you take and makes you want to change.
  • This meeting had a strong and positive influence on me.
In addition to the seminar, Castlebrook also offers a pre-seminar, anonymous employee survey program to let business leaders and owners see a snapshot of employee attitudes and perceptions about the organization and their place in the company. Following the seminar, Castlebrook has a twenty-week follow-up program to reinforce the principles, concepts and recommendations presented in the program. It is designed to assist the attendee in developing good new habits that will increase his productivity and job satisfaction.

Seminars for the General Public

Stresses on individuals and families in today's environment are increasing at an unprecedented rate. The threat of terrorism, the prolonged war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other increases in international tension are but a background to the domestic issues impacting our daily lives and relationships everyday. Job insecurity, financial market instability, pension fund failures, rising health care costs, rising oil and food prices, home foreclosures, difficulty in getting mortgages and credit card abuse further add to our stress level. On a personal plane, the internet, cell phones and text messaging have significantly altered the way we relate to one another. Liberalization of our mores have impacted our relationships with our children, spouses, significant others and our friends. Many of us struggle with hostile environments in our workplace, in our financial situation and our family relationships.

Surviving the Hostile World is a seminar offered to the general public at various venues throughout the United States. Ken Olsen brings to this forum his long term experience in developing, mentoring and leading people. He offers practical advice in dealing with today's hostile environment in three areas of our life experience – the workplace, our finances and our relationships. His humorous, energetic, practical and challenging presentation will change the way you think about yourself and others and bring practical solutions to your everyday problems.
Surviving the Hostile World addresses many of the problems found today in the workplace. He will tell you how to:
  • Combat workplace hostility
  • Transform customers into partners
  • Have stress-free relationships with fellow employees
  • Excel in your job and get noticed
Financial issues will be addressed with suggestions on how to:
  • Manage credit card use
  • Deal with financial emergencies
  • Budget effectively
  • Eliminate debt
  • Secure your future
  • Handle relationships with contractors and service providers
Finally the whole topic of personal relationships will be explored, particularly those in your home and family. Included in this portion of the presentation will be:
  • Keeping things calm with your kids
  • Effective discipline for children
  • Understanding what kids need
  • Empowering your children for success
  • Stresses affecting your marriage
  • Resolving spousal disputes
  • Keeping divorce at bay
  • Keys to a rewarding intimacy